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About Theme- Unilateral Act, Universal Impact

An idea is anything that can change how people see the world. More often than not, people doubt the power of their own insights. They think that a great idea always comes from someone else. Often, it is simply the desire to carry the idea all the way through from creation to completion. In order to actualize an idea we have to believe that they have value.

Unilateral Act Universal Impact celebrates the fact that how a simple idea if executed perfectly can have a universally larger impact. This happens once the idea reaches its tipping point and becomes viral. But what makes an idea tip? What makes good leaders and their ideas successful? Is it a process or secret instant recipe for success?

The theme also celebrates a sense of passion, purpose and urgency. That’s the mind-set we need regarding great ideas. Just keep working as fast as you can with as much passion and purpose as you can muster. An idea which would generate ripples having an incalculable impact that changes the world, or at least an industry, an idea with a Universal Impact!

A unilateral act can inspire millions, a single voice can move a country, and some actions pushes us beyond boundaries. At TEDxBandra we will explore this theme in a myriad of aspects from Technology, Design, Education, Psychology, Basic Human Rights, Art, Music, and Business to Medicine and much more, and accelerate the discussion of how one idea can change the world.