Raghu Raman

President RIL (New Ventures, Risk and Security), Ex CEO National Intelligence Grid

Raghu Raman has possibly one of the most unique career profiles spanning over 25 years. He spent eleven years as an officer in the Indian Armed Forces , followed by another eleven years in the corporate sector before joining the Government as CEO of the National Intelligence Grid.

Raghu started his career with the Indian Army. During his stint, he was in active combat in Punjab battling terrorists and in Siachen Glacier facing Pakistani troops. He has served as a UN peacekeeper, as well as been an instructor teaching leadership and strategy to officers at the prestigious School of Armoured Warfare.

Raghu is a Distinguished Fellow at the Observer Research Foundation, a frequent guest faculty in business schools, keynote speaker and columnist on National Security Strategy and Leadership in leading publications, The MINT. He is also the author of “Everyman’s War” - a book published by Random House.

About the Speaker's Talk

Former captain of Indian Army Raghu Raman is going to talk about his journey from warzones to Board Rooms. Now, the CEO of National Intelligence Grid, he’s got the best of both worlds’s.