Gaurav Shorey

Director, Psi Energy

"Gaurav serves as a director at a sustainable habitats consultancy service in New Delhi; committed to impact our country's built environment, and to facilitate the design and development of green buildings across India. He is passionate about working on the GRIHA system and is involved in several projects in the government and private domains.

Gaurav believes in the connection between youth and environmentalism in India. Gaurav is now the Area Convenor for The Energy and Resource Institute’s (TERI) GRIHA program, the Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment. Gaurav’s role at TERI puts him at the epicenter of the green building movement in India. Gaurav’s hope is for educational curricula and workforce training programs to delve deeper to preserve and adapt local design and construction techniques so that India’s construction workforce can work effectively in modern construction and help establish standard practice for sustainability in construction. "