Jas Charanjiva

Co-Founder, Kulture Shop

Jas is a self-taught artist. At the age of 12 while living in California she received her first professional skateboard and loved the art on the back of its deck. This led to her obsession with underground art and her style naturally began to take shape as she paid close attention to street art/graffiti and underground art. She often uses non-conventional characters in her work. For people like Jas Charanjiva, the entire world is still a canvas. She still has that childlike feeling inside of her, and this is what makes her such a great wall artist.

Having established herself as an artist, she now runs her own studio ‘Life on Mars’. Jas' latest venture is Kulture Shop, an art + design brand that curates and champions the best Indian Graphic Artists from around the world and prints their exclusive works on limited editions tees and art prints.

She is the Co-Founder & PR Director at Kulture Shop Private Limited. The Kulture Shop showroom in Bandra was deemed one of the 10 coolest places to shop on the planet in TimeOut Explorer.

About the Speaker's Talk

Hailing from California, Jas a muralist, who adores and adorns wall painting, is all set talk about the redefinition of art & design.