Rushva Parihar

Research Associate, UNU Merit

Rushva Parihar is currently a Research Associate at the United Nations University in Maastricht. His research focuses on the governance of technology and innovation for the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). He brings his past experices in brand management to his work in sanitation and waste management by cross polinating ideas across sectors. His special interests in SDG3 and SDG6 are further anchored by his engagements with the different charities - Cope With Cancer and Friend in Need India.

He is deeply interested in a scientific understanding of issues and aim to develop revolutionary solutions through a multidisciplinary approach which stems from his own personal experiences. He has worked on the FP7 EU Project MNEmerge addressing the role of multinationals in the attainment of the SDG in emerging countries with the UNU-MERIT team.Some of his previous work included work in Corporate India rediscovering what the role of company is in our society, working with think tanks to co-ordinate international policy level conferences and even some work in the fashion industry. All of his previous experiences help guide my scientific inquiry to develop solutions that can actually be adopted in this multi- dimensional world in which we live.

About the Speaker's Talk

Rushva Parihar currently a Research Associate at the United Nations University is going to enlighten us with his ideas from various sectors regarding sanitation & waste management.