Yash Bhanage

Co-Founder and COO, The Bombay Canteen

Growing up, Yash Bhanage had no fascination for the kitchen. Instead, every time his family would eat out, it’s the restaurant managers—dapper in their uniforms, welcoming guests with a smile—who would catch his eye. So, despite studying science in high school, the charm of running restaurants took Bhanage out of chemistry labs and, first, to the Institute of Hotel Management in Goa and later to Cornell University to study hospitality management.While working at Mumbai’s Grand Hyatt, he chose the front office. “In a month, I knew the job wasn’t for me,” he says. He sought a transfer to the restaurant and started as a waiter. The journey that began with 16-hour shifts at Grand Hyatt’s Celini has culminated in a 24x7 role steering The Bombay Canteen (TBC), a restaurant that re-imagines Indian food, with an emphasis on seasonal produce, in a fun way. Like the thepla that morphs into a taco with pulled pork filling, or the Sindhi tuk that’s inspired by the Latin tostones and cooked with arbi.

About the Speaker's Talk

Yash Bhanage is all set to speak about Hospitality Management and Foooooooooooood!