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The theme for TEDxBandra 2018 is ‘Catharsis’.

The word ‘catharsis’ is derived from the Greek word, translating to ‘cleansing’ and ‘purification’. Most of the definitions emphasise on two essential components of catharsis: the emotional aspect (strong emotional expression) and the cognitive aspect (an insight, a new realisation and a revelation). The expression of catharsis, or the relief we get after expressing our repressed emotions, helps manifest a positive change in our being.

Throughout the history of humanity, catharsis was considered to have a strong healing effect, and applied in medicine, religion, literature, music, drama and multiple other domains.

TEDxBandra 2017 attempted to encourage speakers and listeners to share, and collectively express their catharsis. There are multiple types of catharsis that one can see himself witnessing: catharsis of repressed emotion, of good taste, of amazement, of love, of anger, of inspiration, of fear. This year, we aim to bring out catharsis in some of these parallels.

Our array of speakers will talk about their journey, and their catharsis is a multifold manner. Their individual catharsis when they are in the process of doing what they do as their passion, job, or responsibility, and the catharsis experienced by the audience upon witnessing the talk or performance by our speakers.

It is important for this catharsis to be collectively expressed, in order to lead way for positive conscience, and positive affirmations.

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